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This class is for dogs that love to tug, fetch, chase and grab toys!



Agility Training Time

Monday 1 Night Special Agility Class


I have been training dogs since the early 1980s when I put an Obedience Trial Championship (OTCh) on my first competition/Novice A dog, a Labrador Retriever. Since then, I have had the following advanced obedience
accomplishments on my dogs: 4 AKC OTCH titles (one CKC OTCH), 6 UD titles, and 3 UDX titles along with a 2009 AKC National Obedience Invitational invite, numerous top rankings and numerous national tournament placements; In agility, my dogs have had the following advanced agility accomplishments:


2 AKC MACHs, USDAA ADCH (and one dog retired with one double Q short of a MACH, and 1 Super Q short of an ADCH), 3 USDAA MAD, competed in 5 AKC National Agility Competition with 3 different dogs with many individual round top 10 placements. In herding, my dogs have the following advanced herding titles: 3 Herding Champions, 2 HXBs titles, 2 HXBd titles, 3 HXAs titles and 3 HXAd titles.


I am a retired obedience judge, having judged all obedience classes from 1986-2008. I enjoyed judging around the country and had the honor of judging 3 National obedience tournaments in Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina. I retired from judging because I no longer have the time to spend travelling
because of the amount of time I use training and trialing in areas outside of obedience. I really do miss the judging, though.

Over the years, I moved from a more traditional obedience training background towards reward based/positive methods in training dogs in all areas. I use a lot of classical conditioning in my obedience training as well as in agility. I love training this way and love how the dogs learn how to success based on their choices. I am also honored to be among the selected instructors teaching for Denise Fenzi's online "Fenzi Dog Sports Academy" I teach both obedience and agility online classes there.

My trademark in training dogs is that I draw from my experience from training and competing in multiple sports, which has given me insight into innovative and creative ways of training and handling dogs. What I find is that most experienced trainers have no issues training the "big picture", but they tend to lose sight of some of the little details that are the building blocks to helping with the communication and the relationship between them and their dogs. I love working with very different challenges and trying to help people find a way to improve their communication with their partner.

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