Terry Smorch has been actively involved in dog agility since 1993 and is an AKC and USDAA agility judge.

Terry started in agility with Keeshonden, handling them to numerous titles in AKC, USDAA and NADAC. Ramsey and Terry placed second in the 20" class in the first AKC National Agility Championship in 1996. AKC Breed Champion MACH2 Pixie and Terry followed with 3 consecutive AKC National Agility Championships in 1997, 1998 and 1999.  Ramsey and Pixie were the first Keeshonden to earn the USDAA ADCH title which they both did jumping 24".

ADCH-Platinum APD-Gold MACH6 Remy (12 year-old Border Collie) was Terry's next agility dog.  Highlights of her career include 4-time AKC National Champion, AAC National Champion, USDAA Grand Prix Champion, 4-time USDAA Steeplechase Champion, member of 2003 AKC World Team, and USDAA Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award.  Most recently Remy, at age 12, won the 16" Performance Versatility Gamblers class at USDAA Nationals.

ADCH-Gold MACH3 Presto (5 year-old Border Collie) and Terry have the same birthday.  Presto was a finalist at the first three national events he attended, earning Top Five placements at the 2009 AKC and 2009 USDAA National Championships.  In 2010 Terry and Presto won a spot on the AKC/USA World Team which competed in Germany.  The large dog team including Ann Braue/Scream and Channan Fosty/Icon placed 7th overall and Terry and Presto had two clean runs.  Most recently, Terry and Presto competed at USDAA Nationals winning the Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament with Susan Garrett/Feature & Kim Cullen/Recess.  They were also a Grand Prix Finalist, placing third in 26".

Sirrah (two year-old Border Collie) is currently in training and hopes to compete soon.

Terry is employed by 3M Healthcare as a process development engineer, bringing new medical products to market to help prevent healthcare associated infections.  He also uses his chemical engineering skills to homebrew beer.

Terry's main focus in agility training is developing and maintaining the dog's focus and enthusiasm for the sport, and developing a solid foundation for success in the future.  Terry has trained extensively with Susan Garrett, Susan Salo and Greg Derrett and follows their training programs and handling systems.