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This class is for dogs that love to tug, fetch, chase and grab toys!



Agility Training Time

Monday 1 Night Special Agility Class

  • This class is for dogs 6 months and older and will focus on teaching basic manners - come when called, intro to *walking nicely on leash, sit, down, and stay on your mat.
  • Handlers will learn how to effectively teach new behaviors, build attention from their dog under distraction, and get a reliable response the first time.

*If you would like to develop more enjoyable leash walking skills we recommend the Loose Leash Walking Class.

Prerequisite: For dogs 6 months old and older. (NOTE: Ideally it is best for dogs under 6 months of age, to enroll in a Puppy Kindergarten class first, then do a Puppy Agility class, to keep them with age appropriate classmates.) For JUNIOR HANDLERS, please make sure you read our Policies and Guidlines prior to registering or you may not be permitted to be in the class.

Course length: 5 consecutive weeks for 1 hr/week, fee $110

* A hungry dog!
*Tiny soft treats (see note below and we do have treats for sale)
* Regular leash (no retractable leashes for class)

NOTE: This is not a class for overly reactive dogs. If your dog barks continually, lunges or is overly worried in the presents of other dogs, please contact us. Possibly a private lesson prior to attending a Basic Obedience class or a behavior modification class would be best for your dog right now.
We can assist with the proper learning path for your dog!

HELPFUL HINTS: When you arrive to the facility, before entering the building, take your dog across the parking lot to one of the potty areas. This helps reduce accidents inside and sets your dog up for success!

We use positive motivational training methods which involve the use of treats and toys. Some dogs may get a tiny snack before class, if it has been a long time since the last feeding.

Ideally class night is 'Dinner Out' as they will get plenty of rewards from you at class.

Please wear clean flat shoes, as the floor is an anti-fatigue, foam matting which can be easily damaged by hard shoes.

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