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This class is for dogs that love to tug, fetch, chase and grab toys!



Agility Training Time

Monday 1 Night Special Agility Class

Our Puppy Kindergarten class is designed to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy. The class focuses on socialization, basic obedience and good manners in a fun, friendly clean environment.

We focus on teaching your puppy that YOU are the most important, fun partner they can be with! This is critical in laying the foundations of creating a GREAT DOG! If puppies learn bad habits early on (not responding to their owners, getting to overly stimulated with too much free play) it only makes them more difficult later when they are older!

Specific exercises taught are:

  • Name Recognition
  • Sit & Down (with a built in Stay!)
  • Walking next to you on a loose leash
  • A rapid fast response to 'Come'
  • Fun tricks
  • Puppy Kindergarten obstacle course

We will also help to fix basic unwanted behaviors such as; jumping, barking, potty training & separation anxiety.

No problem if a class is missed, your instructor will be happy to work you in on another class so your new pup does not miss a thing.

PREREQUISITE: For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old. (Toy breeds up to 10 months) For JUNIOR HANDLERS, please make sure you read our Policies and Guidlines prior to registering or you may not be permitted to be in the class.

Course Length: 5 weeks for 1 hr/week, fee $105

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