Please review the following before attending your first class. If you feel you or your dog are the exceptions to any of the following PLEASE tell us! The following policies and procedures have been designed to keep our classes enjoyable for everyone.


  • Please review the following before attending your first class. If you feel you or your dog are the exceptions to any of the following PLEASE tell us! The following policies and procedures have been designed to keep our classes enjoyable for everyone.
  • Payment secures your space in the class.
  • There are no refunds after the first day of the class session.
  • If you cancel 72 hours before your class is scheduled to start you will receive 100% refund. Refunds less than 72 hours notice will be based on if your space can be filled from the wait list.
  • Fees and registration are due before the first class of the new session. Class dates could move out if there are not enough registered at that time. People already registered will be notified.
  • See the Registration page for available classes.


  • Instructors reserve the right to excuse any dog/handler team which may be a danger to themselves or others, is not in control, seems ill or injured, or is disruptive to the class.
  • It is expressly understood that students alone are responsible for the behavior of their dogs, children and guests. Any student whose dogs, children, or guests create unnecessary disturbances or repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior, may at the discretion of the management or other On The Run Canine Center representatives, be asked to remove the offending dogs, children, guests from the property grounds. No refunds of fees will be made in such a case.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult other than the dogs handler who takes full responsibility for them. Children should never interact with another dog without prior approval from that owner of the dog.
  • Jr. Handlers (children training dogs): Please Contact Us prior to registering, to get approval unless signing up for a class specific to children training dogs. Adults must be in attendance at all times.
  • Dogs need to be kept quiet when they are not working.
  • Dogs must be kept leashed at all times before and after class.
  • No dogs enrolled in a foundations/beginners course can be on the equipment before class starts.
  • Dogs should be healthy and up to date on vaccinations per your vet's recommendations.
  • Do not bring sick dogs into the facility, including other dogs from the household that are exposed to your sick dog. If your dog has kennel cough, please do not bring them to the facility until two weeks after coughing has ended.


NOTE: An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exist in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and in some cases death. By registering in attending activities at On the Run Canine Center Inc., you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.
Students agrees to cooperate with facility rules regarding facial coverings/mask, social distancing and hand sanitizing, as recommended by the;
CDC https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/index.html
MN Health Department

  • FACE SHIELDS: For face shields with an open bottom design and WITHOUT a mask, you need to have that open area modified with something that catches droplets. It can be as simple as a bandanna taped to the shield bottom edge and tied back around neck.
  • We have individual hand sanitizers for you to use during class.
  • 1 Dog to 1 Student: Class count size is very limited at this time for each room. Please do not bring extra people to the facility.
  • Students who don’t feel well, unusual cough, fever, chills, body aches, loss of taste & smell, should stay home.
  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 you will need to not attend classes for 14 days from known exposure.


  • Because we use positive methods, it is best to bring a hungry dog to class. Class time is ‘dinner out’ for most dogs, as many rewards are given during class. Therefore you may want choose to skip a meal on class day.
  • Please potty your dog when you arrive, before coming into the facility even if they went just before you left home.
  • Wear comfortable and casual clothing as class can be physically demanding.
  • Classes require comfortable flat shoes. NO SPIKE SHOES OR HEELS on the mats. The matting is a foam anti-fatigue flooring and can be easily damaged with improper shoes.
  • NO FIRM GRIP SPRAY is to be used anywhere in the facility. It leaves a residue that takes harsh chemicals to clean off floors and matting.


If you are going to miss class you must notify us. We encourage people to make-up classes within 2 months of the original session, by attending another class of similar skills and topic. No refunds are given, but we do encourage you to train your dog!


You are welcome to attend additional classes that you are not currently enrolled in for a drop in fee. Instructor approval is required to confirm that the level of instruction is appropriate and that space is available.


Making a purchase implies that On the Run! Canine Center Inc. is authorized to collect your personal information for the means of processing your purchase. If you prefer to not use our webiste for a registration, please contact us for alternative options. NOTE:  We do not guarantee availability for a class or seminar will be what you see on the website by the time you contact us.

No Refunds for Dog aggression, schedule conflicts, illness or injury.