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At On the Run we offer dozens of classes each week, for dogs both big and small — there’s something for almost everyone!

If you have questions we’re also happy to discuss your pup’s needs, personality and your goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers!

There are some questions we hear regularly, so we’ve compiled those answers for you below. Don’t see your question listed? Please reach out using our contact page!

Can my child handle our dog in class?

Children must at least 10 years of age to handle dogs in a class.  They must be able to control the dog on their own and understand all class content.  The curriculum is written for adult comprehension.

How many family members can come to the class?

We allow one other person to come to class with you.  We do however recommend all family members who will be interacting with your dog to also work the homework to keep things consistent.

I'm going to miss a class or classes, can I make up those classes?

We strongly encourage you to choose a class where you will be able to make all the dates.  Make ups can be difficult as other classes are generally not running on the same week. Working you in for a make up may not be possible.  (We can email you the homework if you let us know you are going to be absent so you can work at home).

What kind of collar do I need and what else should I bring to class?

You can use what ever type of training collar you are comfortable with.  We recommend  you bring a regular leather or nylon leash (No retractable leashes allowed).  Also bring some easily eaten treats for rewards.  We have several varieties for sale if you need.

What vaccinations are required to start class?

For puppies we require they have had their first set of vaccines (that includes Parvo Virus) at least 1 week prior to the start date of class. For Adults we require that you are on a schedule and follow what is recommended by your veterinarian for your dog.

My dog barks, growls or is reactive towards other dogs or people, what class should I take?

We do not offer behavior modification classes for reactive or aggressive behavior.  We refer those cases to another training facility called The Canine Coach.  They can be reached at www.thek9coach.com.

How will I be notified if classes are canceled due to weather?

We will post any school closings due to weather on the main page of our website AND on our Facebook page.  Be sure to check one of those places prior to traveling to class if we are experiencing bad weather.

My dog is not feeling well, can I still bring them to class?

No, if your dog is not feeling well you should not bring them to class.  Many illnesses can be contagious to other dogs so they should stay home until they are feeling better.  If your dog is coughing or has been diagnosed with Kennel cough they are not allowed to come back to class for at least 2 weeks past the last sign of symptoms.