Michelle Schwartzbauer

Instructor / Founder

A Minnesota native, Michelle always new she would be a trainer from a very early age.  Taking care of, training and showing animals was simply a way of life.  She has been competing and showing animals for over 40 years.

As a lot of young girls, Michelle had love for horses.  This passion grew into multiple ribbons and trophies, as well as a career as a professional show groom and apprentice trainer for some of Minnesota’s top stables.

Later on, her training “went to the dogs”!  For over 35 years Michelle’s training and showing has been dedicated to her dogs.  She has earned over 100 titles in obedience, agility, herding, tracking and schutzhund.  Earning one of her dogs a Versatility Excellent title, the first for the state of Minnesota for his breed.  This title is awarded only through successfully earning multiple advanced level titles in a variety of dog sports.

It has been through the passion and love of training, as well as annually attending additional seminars throughout the Nation from educators worldwide, that Michelle’s training techniques are some of the best you can get.  This is evident through the multiple awards her dogs have won!

Through use of everyday analogies, humor and years of experience, Michelle is able to help her students understand their dogs and get the most out of their training.